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Functions vs Methods

FUNCTIONS - a set of instructions that perform an action Functions are like formulas. They can execute a set of information on the provided data and return the result. The magnificence of capacities is that they are reusable and can be executed multiple times without writing them over again. Example ( Vanilla JS) > function sayHello(name) {           console.log('Hello '+name)    }  > sayHello('World')    // calling a function with input 'World' > Hello World Let's walk through the above example. The sayHello function is used to display 'Hello {name}' in the console where {name} is input to the function. Function keyword indicates the starting point of a function The following word ' sayHello ' is the function's name The parentheses indicate the input(s)/parameter(s) to the function and would be utilised while executing the set of instructions

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